System Requirements

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System requirements for running Alligate are almost completely dependent on the volume of email you intend to process.


Low volume systems receiving less than 100,000 email messages daily can use a more modest hardware setup, while high volume systems receiving 1-2 million messages a day will probably require more horsepower and should consider multiple processor or multi-core CPU systems.





Windows 2000 Workstation

Windows 2000 Server

Windows 2003 Server (All versions) Recommended

Windows 2008 Server (All versions) Recommended

XP (All versions)

Vista (All versions)

Workstation versions of Windows such as Windows XP and Vista are not designed to act as servers. Alligate will work with workstation versions, however we do not recommend it. If a workstation version is used it should only be for the lowest daily volumes of messages.



Pentium IV, Xeon or equivalent.

Although Alligate is not particularly CPU intensive, we recommend using the fastest CPU possible.



1GB (2GB for higher volume installations)

Hard Disk

10GB free space

Speed is dependent on volume. The faster the better.


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