Version Numbering Methods

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We do our version numbering a little differently than you are probably used to.


A typical executable version number will look something like this:


This would translate to:


Major version.Year.Month.Day


So in the above example, the major version would be 3, the year of the build would be 2007, the month would be August, and the date would be the 1st.


We do this with all our products because no matter who looks at the version number here, they will know exactly what version it is.


In Alligate, there are numerous executables and services. Some may have recent version numbers and some may be older. This versioning system has worked extremely well for us across several product lines and it is easy to understand.


When referring to a specific new release, we will always use the newest version number of the most recently modified component of the application suite.



Alligate Version 3 was released in August 2007. The first Version 3 version number starts at 3.7.8.x.