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Changes in version (April 21, 2009)




Enhanced HELO/EHLO, MAIL FROM, RCPT TO Validation - Alligate now performs more detailed checking for HELO, MAIL FROM, and RCPT TO commands  received from remote clients.


Previously, Alligate only checked the MAIL FROM for valid characters. The valid character list is described here. Alligate will now check the MAIL FROM and RCPT TO against this list of valid characters, however it will only use this list for the user name portion of the mail address. A separate check will be done on the domain portion of the email address because the legal characters for the domain portion are different than the user name portion.


Similarly, the HELO/EHLO command requires the transmission of an identifier that is limited to certain characters.


It is very unlikely that the character set for the domain name checking or HELO checking will ever need to be changed, so visibility of these character sets will not be available in the Alligate control panel.


We have however, exposed them in the registry in case they ever need to be modified to suit a users needs. The registry keys are as follows:


Valid Domain Characters




Valid HELO/EHLO Characters







A bug was fixed in the Alligate Control Panel where the destination IP address of an existing routing entry could be overwritten with the wrong information when adding a new routing entry.