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Changes in version (August 1, 2008)


New features


Repeat "bomber" spammers tracking expanded to include the /29 IP address range for each address.




SMTP Service - When we originally added support for alternate recipient verification, it was necessary necessary to verify that a route existed to deliver the message. Since recipient verification could be done independently of the mail server, the possibility existed that a recipient address may be reported as being valid, when no actual route for the domain was defined. We tested for this condition before the DATA command was processed. This method was relatively time consuming because the routing table and related "additional domains" and "alias domains" needed to be examined. On servers with 100 or more routing definition entries, and possibly thousands of additional and alias domains, potentially unnecessary processing was taking place. Many messages will fail and be rejected after the DATA is received and the DATA command processed. If this occurs, it is unnecessary to verify that a legitimate route exists. This processing now only occurs after the DATA has been received and the message survives all testing and is about to be written to disk.


Alligate Control Panel - A bug was reported where large attachment rejection size would not accept certain numbers. This has been fixed.