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Changes in version (July 14, 2008)


New features


Added a new test feature to check if the MAIL FROM domain has an MX record. If it does not have an MX record, you can perform three actions:


Flag the message for greylisting

Add additional tarpit seconds

Add a penalty in message scanning


The A record is not checked. RFCs specify that an MX record is not absolutely required, and that if a domain is missing an MX record, the A record should be used. This test is provided on the assumption that properly configured email servers should have an MX record for hosted domains.


Note: The screenshots in this help file have not yet been updated to reflect the new "no MX" options.




Pre-DATA response tarpitting was broken and not working. This is where additional tarpit seconds are imposed. When the sender issues the DATA command, the response is delayed by the number of tarpit seconds that have been assessed.  This has been fixed.


A lot of time was spent reconciling tarpitting penalties and a few discrepancies between actual tarpit times and logged tarpit times were identified and fixed.




Some safety checks were added to prevent odd service restarts. There were a couple of areas where fatal crashes could occur if the sender disconnected during tarpitting at specific points in the process. The disconnection cannot always be detected immediately and program operation would continue thinking that the connection still existed.