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Changes in version (April 28, 2008)





In the last update, Version, this paragraph was included in the release notes:


Important: In this release, file attachment blocking is disabled. It was necessary to do this because proper decoding of file attachment names normally requires MIME decoding. This part of the code needs to be entirely rewritten and we felt it better to release an interim version without this capability until  we can complete the full fix.


This has now been fixed and attachment checking is once again re-enabled.




To help us provide better technical support in resolving unusual problems, we have created an error reporting mechanism where we record a stack trace when something suspicious or unexpected occurs. These files are now maintained in the \Alligate\ErrorsTR folder.


Exception errors are recorded with the file name prefix "EX", and any message decoding errors that may occur will use the prefix "MD".


We are also recording a stack trace on service shutdown whether or not any actual errors occurred. These will have the file name prefix of "SD".


None of the stack traces recorded are fatal errors, nor will they cause any problem in operation. They are merely advisory "state captures" that will help us resolve problems and make Alligate a better product.


The Alligate Control Panel has also been updated so that when you use the wizard to generate diagnostic reports these files will also be included.