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Changes in version (August 12, 2010)




This release adds 2 user requested features.


1.In addition to the minute statistics added in version, the last minute statistics are now also saved to the file MM-STATS.txt.This file will always contain a single line, and it will contain the last 60 seconds of activity. For the field order, please refer to the description for version In this file, the first field, the time, is omitted since it is irrelevant.


2.You can now customize the NDR message text. This will allow users in countries where the primary language is not English to create NDR files their users can more easily understand.


To create a custom NDR message, create a file called NDRMessage.txt in the ..\Alligate root directory. The default message is as follows:


This is the Alligate Gateway at host %longhostname%.

I'm sorry to have to inform you that the message returned

below could not be delivered to one or more destinations.


Host %forwarderhostname% said: %forwarderlastresponse%



Please note the text in red. These are macros that are substituted with the particular relevant variables. These cannot be localized or changed and should be included exactly as shown, including the % symbols, so that the user will know what the error was.