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Changes in version (August 10, 2010)




A new log file was added to record interval statistics for external analysis by graphic or reporting programs.


The new log file is named MM-STATSxxxx.txt where xxxx will represent the day and month. A new log file is created daily.


By default, the logging interval is 60 seconds. This can be changed if desired by editing the following registry value:




This logging can be disabled by either setting the above value to 0 (zero) or by setting the following registry key to 0 (zero):




The log file is TAB delimited and contains the following fields in the order shown here:



Incoming connections

Outgoing messages

Delivered messages

Valid recipients

Invalid recipients

Data Received from DATA

Kills (forcible disconnects)

MXRateKills (messages refused because of MXRate score)

Tarpitted connections

Disconnected spammers (disconnected on their end usually during tarpitting)

Greylist failed

Greylist passed

Greylist disconnected (disconnected on their end without completing commands)

Backscatter (refused and disconnected)