Version 3.7.8.x

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Version tracking in the help system commences with version 3. The SMTP-History.TXT will now be used for interim releases only.


hmtoggle_plus1MXRate Changes

The MXRate control functions are now integrated into the Alligate Gateway Control Panel. The MXRate control panel is no longer needed.

A new option was added to update the MXRate database and country code files on demand within the Alligate Gateway Control Panel


hmtoggle_plus1Licensing Changes

Gateway licensing is now perpetual, meaning the license never expires.

MXRate licensing is annual, however now when the license expires, everything will continue to operate except automatic database updates will no longer occur.


hmtoggle_plus1Reverse DNS/DNSBL

Reverse DNS checking is now enabled internally.

Support for up to 2 DNS blacklist services has been added


hmtoggle_plus1Message Scanning

An entire new message scanning system has been added that allows users to more easily identify and block messages at the gateway level.

The new message scanning system uses a user configurable scoring system so users can create their own blocking rules.

It also contains a new regular expression multiple filter test feature.


hmtoggle_plus1External Message Scanners

External, custom message scaanners can now be used and created by third parties.



Wizards have been added to help new users to select common settings easily without necessarily knowing what every option does in great detail.