Upgrading and Migration

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Many users perform version upgrades and migration to new servers on weekends. We are not normally available by phone during the evenings or on weekends, so if you plan on performing an upgrade or a migration project during these times and you think you might need technical assistance, it is always a good idea to let us know a few days beforehand. You can send an email to support@alligate.com and let us know about your plans. We may give you an alternate email address to use in case you need to contact someone that will be monitored more frequently after hours.



It is often extremely helpful when upgrading or migrating to set up an administrator account for Alligate support and allow us access using Terminal Services (RDP). There are frequently instances where we can identify and fix a problem immediately if we have access to the computer. This is especially useful for after hours support because our technicians can simply log on to the computer, fix the issue, and they're done.