Supported Mail Servers

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Alligate can be used with probably every known mail server. Some of the mail servers we know our users use with Alligate are listed below.


Alligate can be installed on the mail servers listed below if desired although we do not specifically support this type of installation. More information...


IMail from Ipswitch

Smarter Mail

Merak Mail Server

Rockliffe Mailsite

ArgoSoft Email Server



Kerio MailServer


Alligate can be used with the following mail servers however it cannot be installed on the same computer as the mail server itself.


Microsoft Exchange 2003 or higher


Alligate will work with the following mail servers, however we do not recommend its use and will not be able to provide technical support.


Microsoft Exchange pre-2003 - It does not provide recipient validation capabilities which is a necessary function for effective spam control.


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