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SMTP Service: The main Alligate SMTP Gateway Service.


Spooler Service: The message delivery spooler service manages the queue of messages waiting to be delivered. It monitors conditions and can speed up or slow down based on mail volume and mail server response times.



If you ever want Alligate to continue accepting messages, but not relay them to your mail server(s), you can simply stop the spooler service for awhile and messages will be held in the ..\Alligate\Spool folder until the spooler service is started again..


Monitor Service: This checks the installed Alligate services to ensure high quality of service. It will check each critical service every 60 seconds to make sure it is running and responding properly. If a problem is detected, it will automatically start a quick diagnostic to see if it can determine whether the service needs to be shutdown and restarted. Note: When you stop the SMTP service, this service will also be stopped as it will detect that the SMTP service is not running, and start it again. When starting up the SMTP service, you will need to also start the Monitor service manually. The monitor service records it's activities in the ..\Alligate\Logs directory. Log files are maintained in the format SYSmmdd.txt where "mm" equals the number of the month, and "dd" equals the date.



If you have a copy of KILL.EXE or TASKKILL.EXE, available from the Windows 2000 Resource Disk, place a copy of the file in the ..\Alligate (root) directory. If the monitor service determines that the Alligate SMTP service needs to be restarted, and it cannot be restarted successfully using the SCM (Service Control Manager) it will automatically call KILL.EXE if it is present. This virtually assures a successful service restart even under the most severe conditions like denial of service attacks.


Validation Service: This service provides alternative recipient validation from a list of email addresses maintained in a text file. Use of alternate recipient validation is set by specifying that it be used in the routing definition for a particular domain or domains.


Greylist Service: This service provides greylist functionality. Greylisting is an extremely useful tool in eliminating spam and is probably the most effective of any technique available. For more information on greylisting and what it does, click here.


MXRate Service: This service provides MXRate lookups and country or origin information.




The first time a service is started, it will be automatically installed as a Windows service and will run at startup.

To restart a service, press and hold the Ctrl key while clicking the service button while in the running state.

To uninstall a service, press and hold the Alt key while clicking the service button.

To forcibly stop a service, press and hold the Shift key while clicking the service button.