Routing File Structure

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The routing definitions created by entering data on the Routing page are maintained in a comma delimited text file in the ..\Alligate root directory named routing.txt.


This is a comma delimited file that contains the information necessary to rout incoming email to the appropriate server. You can edit this file manually if you like, but you must restart the Alligate SMTP service for any changes to take affect.


Field 1


Primary domain name.

Field 2


Destination IP address.

Field 3


Destination Port.

Field 4


Full login name for AUTH flag. Generally TRUE.

Field 5


Validate recipients flag. Generally TRUE.

Field 6


Number of recipient validation cache entries.

Field 7


Text file name where "Additional Domains" are stored.

Field 8


Text file name where "Alias Domains" are stored.

Field 9


Alternate verification server IP address.

Field 10


Alternate verification server port.

Field 11


Processing directory.