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If you're reading this, will assume that you have already installed Alligate and are ready to configure the program. There are a few things you should do first, and this section is will itemize these tasks.


check There should be an icon on your desktop titled "Alligate SMTP Gateway Control Panel". It may also be titled "Shortcut to AgGWConfig.exe". Click on this icon to open the application.


check Click on the Licensing/plug-ins option in the left-hand window and if you didn't enter your license codes upon installation, enter them now and verify that they are valid. If you have purchased the Gateway only version, will you will need to enter your SMTP Gateway license and your MXRate license. If you have also purchased the antispam plug-in you will have been provided a third license number and you should enter it in the appropriate field.


check Click on the MXRate option in the left-hand window, and click on the button titled "Update MXRate and Country Code Databases Now". The Alligate setup program does not contain these two files because they change hourly. When you first install Alligate we want you to have the latest available files, so we've provided this mechanism so you can get them easily.


check Next, click on the Routing option in the left-hand window. Here is where we will set up the information necessary for Alligate to successfully route incoming e-mail to your mail server. For more information on setting up your routing definitions please click here.


check Next, click on the Wizards option in the left hand window. You can use these Wizards to pre-fill most of the remaining Alligate settings with recommended default values. Please keep in mind that these recommended settings generally apply to US based installations with a medium daily volume of connections (100,000 or less) and some adjustments may be necessary for your particular installation.


view Review. We recommend before going live with Alligate that you take a couple of minutes and review all your initial settings.


check When you are satisfied with your initial settings, click on the Services option in the left hand window. Start all of the Alligate services.



information One of the most frequent issues new users experience is a port conflict with the Alligate SMTP service. If you are installing on any version of Windows server, it is likely that Microsoft Internet Information Server is also installed on the same machine. In many cases, the Microsoft SMTP server is enabled and listening on port 25. If you have IIS installed, open the IIS manager and stop the Default SMTP server as well as any other virtual SMTP servers you might have configured. Also open the Windows Service Manager and check for the MS SMTP service. If it is running, make sure you stop it and set the properties of the service to only start Manually.



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