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MXRate is our own proprietary Reputation/Validation server that is highly accurate and effective. MXRate consistently outperforms many other blacklists. Not only does MXRate keep information about spammers and suspected spammers, but also maintains information about known good senders. This allows us to treat senders differently than senders with a bad reputation or no reputation at all.


MXRate also provides information about the senders country of origin. This allows you to take different actions depending upon the country the message is originating from.  For example, if you are based in the United States and the majority of your e-mail comes from the United States, you can treat e-mail coming from other countries with greater suspicion.


MXRate gets its data from Alligate users all over the world. As an Alligate user you will also contribute to this data. No personal or compromising data is ever collected. We only collect the IP address of the sender's server and a numerical score which tells us the disposition of the message that the sender sent to you. Every 60 minutes Alligate will upload your data to our processing server and then download the current MXRate database onto your computer. This allows us to supply timely information that will help you block more spam, more efficiently.