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Tarpitting is an extremely effective mechanism where we insert delay seconds at various points in the SMTP transaction. Tarpit seconds are added for various reasons and are all user configurable.


Spammers can rarely tolerate tarpitting. Their effectiveness depends on the ability to send out a lot of messages in a short time. Most spammers will disconnect after a relatively short time if they do not receive a response from your server. Alligate figures out how "suspicious" the sender is and adds delay seconds to make the spammer think that there is something wrong. Legitimate mail servers are not effected by tarpitting, but impatient spammers are. Once the tarpit time gets about 30-35 seconds, the likelihood that the spammer will disconnect on his own are very high. It is always better to let the spammer decide on his own whether or not he wants to "do business" with you and we give them every opportunity to decide against it.