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Alligate is a Microsoft Windows based SMTP gateway server that eliminates the vast majority of spam and viruses before they ever enter your network. Alligate can offer an immediate drop in total load on your mail server by over 90% immediately upon installation, with zero false positives and zero administration.


These days most email servers have some sort of spam prevention built in or have third party add-ins available. Mail servers are designed to be inherently friendly. When the RFCs were written, no one had any idea that spam would eventually comprise 98% of all email traffic as it does today. Let's say you have a mail server with 100 mail boxes. And let's say that each mail box gets 50 legitimate messages a day. This would equate to a volume of about 5000 messages daily. In a perfect world, without spam, a volume of 5000 messages a day could be handled very easily by virtually any mail server installed on even a fairly a modest computer.


Here is the problem. With the level of spam what it is today, a mail server set up to handle a volume of 5000 messages daily, now has to handle as many as 250,000 messages for the same 100 mailboxes. This can lead to poor performance, server crashes and delayed message delivery.


To cut down on spam, almost every mail server has some built in anti-spam capability. This might include blacklist support, message filtering, Bayesian analyses, or third party anti-spam add-in products. While these can significantly cut down on spam, they cannot reduce the traffic coming into your mail server. For the most part, mail server integrated anti-spam solutions are afterthoughts, and rather that cutting down on your server CPU load, they actually increase it, sometimes very significantly.


Alligate is different. It is not a mail server or gateway that has been modified to include anti-spam functionality. Alligate was designed from the ground up under the assumption that  the vast majority of incoming email traffic is going to be spam. Every single aspect of Alligate's message receiving functions were designed to identify spammers as soon as possible. Each step of the SMTP conversation is analyzed for characteristics typical of spam. If certain criteria are reached, the message can be refused with 100% accuracy. In many ways, Alligate forces spammers into identifying themselves, rather than simply trying to identify spammers.



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