International Users

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Most of Alligate's default settings and "Wizard" settings recommendations are recommended settings for users based in the United States. If your installation is in another country, or if you normally handle e-mail from a wide variety of countries, there are a few considerations we suggest you follow in order to achieve the highest blocking rates with the lowest risk of inconveniencing your customers or users.


MXRate is used to validate the senders reputation for sending spam or good e-mail. Because a large number of our users are based in the United States, and primarily get e-mail from other users based in United States or other English-speaking countries, when a message comes in from a server and a non-English speaking country, the likelihood of it being spam is extremely high. If it is in fact identified as a spam, that data will be sent to our MXRate processing server and the IP address of that server is likely to be classified as a spammer.


If you are using Alligate in a non-English speaking country, we recommend that you initially do not block messages based upon the MXRate reputation score. Rather, we suggest you wait for two or three months until a significant amount of data has been sent by your Alligate installation to our MXRate processing server to balance out any negative reports we may have received. You can still use tarpitting and greylisting as defenses as well as other black lists and achieve a high rate of spam rejection. We want to be careful however not to falsely identify any messages as coming from spammers based upon their MXRate reputation score if that score may be skewed by an unbalanced data sampling because of its country of origin.


You will also want to check the content encoding and subject encoding tests and penalties in the Message Scanning -> Header Scan Options section. Make sure no character sets are specified for email in languages you may be receiving as part of normal operations.


If you use the recommended wizard settings to set up Alligate, we recommend that you carefully review all settings before placing your Alligate installation into service.