General Options

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On the main MXRate screen there are a few basic options:


Listen on port: This tells what port the MXRate service should communicate with the SMTP service on. Unless you have a particular conflict with the default port 6666, we recommend you leave this option as it is. If you change this port number it will be necessary to restart both the MXRate service and the SMTP service.


Bind to: This tells the MXRate service what IP address to bind to. Unless you have a specific reason you want to change this, we recommend that you leave it bound to all addresses.


Up/Download MXRate Reports/Databases: This option tells Alligate whether or not to upload/download MXRate databases. There really isn't any good reason to turn this option off unless for some reason you did not want this activity to occur for a short period of time.


Use Passive FTP: This option tells Alligate whether or not to use Passive FTP to upload/download MXRate data.  This option may be useful behind firewalls.


Update MXRate and Country Code Databases Now: This allows you to manually update your MXRate and country code databases. This should be done immediately after initial installation, and can be done manually at any time. Normally, it will update every hour automatically.


Proxy Settings: If you're using a proxy server for HTTP connections over port 80, you can enter your proxy server settings here. Port 80 is used for downloading the MXRate databases.