Emergency Support

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Unfortunately, there are occasionally instances where some unforeseen issue arises and users require immediate help. Here are a couple of suggestions that will help us help you quickly and get you back up and running with a minimum of downtime.


1.Before you do anything else, generate a support diagnostic report and send it to support@alligate.com.


2.We strongly recommend that you create an administrator account on the Alligate server and allow us access to the machine using Terminal Services (RDP). You can choose whatever username and password you like.


3.Send a second email to support@alligate.com and include a description of the problem as well as the IP address of the Alligate computer, the username, and the password you have set up for RDP access.


4.Send an email to emergency@alligate.com and let us know that you need emergency support. Do not send attachments or other questions to the emergency account. This account is just a notifier account that is broadcast to our technicians mobile devices to let them know an emergency support issue is pending.


We will handle the issue as soon as possible. Response time may vary due to the time of day, however it will be given top priority.