Email Message Files

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A complete Alligate message consists of two files. The actual file ID is an integer number like 000000001, 000000002 and so on. They are sequential numbers and the file ID is incremented with each new message. The file pair consists of a .DTA and .CTL file.


The .DTA (Data) file contains the actual DATA portion of the message including all headers and the message body in a standard un-decoded format.


The .CTL (Control) file contains message envelope information as well as some internal control information.


The CTL file contains several fields. These are use for storage of necessary envelope data so that Alligate can successfully relay the message. These fields are as follows:



C=Remote client IP address

S=Senders MAIL FROM address

R=Recipient RCPT TO address. May be several lines

I=Internal message ID

U=AUTH conversation to be replayed when relayed if any

A=Delivery attempts to destination server

L=Last response (if any) from destination server

B=Is a bounce message 1=true, 0=false

D=Bound IP address

H=Remote client HELO

T=Original local time and date of receipt

Q=Reverse DNS entry

P=Local server IP address

V=The number of bad recipients tried for this message

G=The number of good recipients for this message



Not all fields are used for every message and some fields may not have values.

File pairs can be freely moved around between Drop, Spool, Route, BadMail, and Queue folders to perform different actions.