Country Selection

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The Country Selection section allows you to specify countries that you want to treat with suspicion, or specify countries you want to treat more favorably. This function allows you to perform absolute blocking if the country of origin for a particular message should not be allowed, or you can use this function to add tarpit penalty seconds.


The countries selected on the right should be blocked from delivering email messages: You can select the "undesirable" countries that you never want to receive email from.


Only the countries selected on the right should be allowed to deliver email messages: You can select "friendly" countries and only allow email from those. All messages coming from other countries will be rejected.


Tarpit instead of block: This option tells Alligate to tarpit the sender if they are from an "undesirable" country or not from a "friendly" country, but not block the message. The message will be tarpitted at the initial request for connection for the amount of seconds you specified in the Initial delay time when tarpitting a connection option in the tarpitting penalties section.



If you use the MXRATE settings Wizard, the recommended Country Selection options will be automatically selected for you. The options selected by the Wizard are primarily for US based users but will still be safe and effective even if you normally receive messages from foreign countries. You should still review these settings prior tp placing your Alligate server in service.