Alligate Replaceable Delivery Agent

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Note: At this time we do not recommend using the replaceable delivery agent.


The Alligate Replaceable Delivery Agent (DA) provides a mechanism for delivering received message files to the destination mail server. A default DA is included to provide normal SMTP based delivery to any standard SMTP mail server.


Using the Replaceable Delivery Agent architecture, it is now possible to design replacement delivery agents for specific mail servers or to perform specific functions. For example, a delivery agent can be designed to convert messages from the native Alligate format to a format compatible with a particular mail server so that the messages can simply be "saved" as native incoming messages for that server. Delivery agents could also be designed that incorporate virus scanning and/or additional spam scanning before performing the mail server delivery.


Replaceable delivery agents can easily be integrated seamlessly into Alligate by simply changing a few registry settings. In the following examples, we will use the Alligate default delivery agent. The executable file is called "AgSMTPDA.exe". It is a standard Windows service.


To use the new delivery agent, you need to perform the following actions:


1. Open the Alligate Gateway Control Panel.


2. Uninstall the Spooler service by first stopping the service, then "Alt-Click" the spooler service button to uninstall it. The spooler service is not needed when using the delivery agent service. Messages will be delivered directly from the ..\Alligate\Spool directory and the ..\Alligate\Queue directory will no longer be used for messages pending delivery.


3. Make sure you have installed the latest Alligate V3 updates. If you are reading this help file, you probably have already done this, however if you haven't. they are available at:


4. Close  the Alligate Gateway Control Panel if it is still open.


5. Open your registry editor and navigate to the following location:




warning If this key does not exist, then you are not using the latest version of the Alligate Gateway Control Panel.


The above registry key will contain the following default REG_SZ (String) values:


Description = Controls the flow of incoming messages awaiting final delivery to the mail server.

Executable = AgSpoolSvc.exe

FriendlyName = Spooler Service

ServiceName = AGSPOOLSVC

TargetFolder = Default value is an empty string


These values are use for the following purposes:


Description = The descriptive text displayed to the right of the default "Spooler Service" button.

Executable = The service executable file name. NO PATH information is used. The executable MUST reside in the ..\Alligate root directory.

FriendlyName = The caption for the default "Spooler Service" button.

ServiceName = The legal service "Service Name"

TargetFolder = Reserved for future use


6. To use the new Alligate SMTP Delivery Agent, you will need to change these registry values to the following values in blue:


Description = Handles delivery of messages to destination mail servers.

Executable = AgSMTPDA.exe

FriendlyName = Delivery Agent

ServiceName = AGSMTPDA

TargetFolder = Leave blank


7. Open the Alligate Gateway Control Panel. You will notice the old "Spooler Service" button will now refer to the new "Delivery Agent".


8. Start the Delivery Agent service.